Volunteer & Apprentice

Volunteering with URBAVORE Urban Farm

We are not presently accepting casual volunteers at URBAVORE Urban Farm.  We encourage individuals interested in gaining first-hand experience with our growing practices to consider our “volunteer apprentice position” (see below).  Our apprentice positions provide individuals the opportunity to develop skills throughout the course of a growing season, and apprentices come away with a solid foundation of agricultural knowledge.

Apprenticing with URBAVORE Urban Farm

*Now accepting applications for the 2015 season!


URBAVORE is presently seeking one “die-hard” farm apprentice for the 2015 growing season to continue the development of one of the largest and most diverse urban farms in the nation.  Set on 13.5 acres just east of the city’s center, URBAVORE is working to create an “edible oasis” that brings organic growth, sustainable life, and creative solutions to a city neighborhood. The farm employs “no-till, no-spray, no-nonsense” farming practices to produce high-quality vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  Our intense soil-building practices & “beyond organic” approach to farming result in nutrient-dense foods with superior flavor earning us a very dedicated customer base in the Kansas City area. (To learn more about our farm & philosophy please peruse our website.) Apprentices will be exposed to all the glorious and tedious details of intense “no-till” production practices on a commercial scale.  The work is hard, the days are long, but the relationship one builds with the land through this type of hands-on agriculture is highly fulfilling.  Experience high-end veggie production from seed to plate, prune/maintain/nurture apple, peach, & pear orchards, work with varied perennials such as blackberries & asparagus, pick strawberries until your eyes roll back in your head(!!), care for a flock of 100 laying hens as they rotate around the farm to fertilize and amend fields, go to market with thousands of lbs of stunning produce, and above all BUILD SOIL: the single most important aspect of sustainable agriculture.  Beyond the day to day grind of organic veggie & fruit production, apprentices will have opportunities for learning basic homesteading skills such as canning & preserving, fermentation, & wood-fired baking.  Those skilled in carpentry or construction, will have opportunities to work on the finishing touches of a passive-solar earthbermed home & recycled shipping container barn.  The more dedicated, engaged, and enthusiastic the individual, the more we farmers strive to relate & teach all aspects of our diversified farm & livelihood.  In addition to in-field training & educational workshops, we provide housing, veggies, and a $500 monthly stipend.  The work week may vary, but generally will consist of 45 field hours and 4 market hours per week with weekends off.  For the right individual, URBAVORE can offer a holistic, highly educational, “ass-kicking” experience.

Skills Desired: Farm skills and building skills are desired but not required. What we do require is an unrelenting work ethic and sense of humor!  We are only interested in applicants who are passionate, physically energetic, reliable, and (above all) very in-tuned with each beautiful element that composes our farm’s thriving ecosystem. This internship is best suited for individuals who would like to farm commercially one day using aspects of our unique no-till system.

Educational Opportunities: Interns will receive experience and education in intensive, organic market gardening, “no-till” cultivation practices, orchard planting & organic fruit tree maintenance, integrated livestock management, windrow composting, & direct marketing.  Food preservation, homesteading skills, and alternative building will be optional skills that can be obtained for those who are interested.

Required Hours: 45 field hours per week; 4 market hours per week, Monday thru Friday, weekends off

Season Commitment: March 16th – October 30th

Compensation: Free Housing at the BADSEED downtown storefront with private bedroom, large commercial kitchen, and comfortable amenities, a weekly share of produce, one-on-one (and sometimes two-on-one) in-field training, and a $500 monthly stipend.

How to Apply: Mail a resume and cover letter to brooke@badseedkc.com or BADSEED at 1909 McGee St. Kansas City, MO 64108.We will subsequently conduct an interview and field tryout at the farm with qualified applicants.  (We can conduct phone interviews with out-of-town applicants.)

Deadline: There is no “hard” deadline, but applications received before January 20th will have a much better chance of being considered.  We hope to conduct the bulk of interviews in January and have hired the position by early Feb.


Required Hours: 15 field hours per week

Season Commitment: Flexible commitment from March – November.

Pay: None.

Compensation: Excellent agricultural skills training, a partial share in the farm’s bounty, and monthly workshops in diverse farm skills.

How to Apply: Mail a resume and cover letter to brooke@badseedkc.com or BADSEED at 1909 McGee St.Kansas City, MO64108.We will subsequently conduct an interview and field tryout at the farm with qualified applicants.

Deadline: We prefer to receive applications no later than Jan. 20th, but will accept applicants anytime

*TO RECEIVE MORE DETAILED INFO e-mail brooke@badseedkc.com with specific questions.