Composting Program

The alchemy of composting is truly one of nature’s miracles.  Just think…today’s left-over meatloaf can become tomorrow’s heirloom tomatoes!!!  Our food scraps and yard waste are an invaluable resource.  They can be recycled into the earth to produce healthy, fresh, organic foods. Why throw them in the trash where they end up in landfills or water-ways causing significant environmental degradation??  Whether in a large-scale, industrial system or in your very own backyard, COMPOSTING is the solution to the solid waste crisis that faces municipalities nationwide.  It is among the most basic means of CONSERVATION ensuring the health of our environment for future generations.  Join us in our effort to “green” our communities by utilizing Kansas City’s first Residential Composting Program at URBAVORE – Urban Farm!!!


Kansas City’s Residential Composting Program at URBAVORE

*Sponsored by BADSEED, The Mid-America Regional Council’s Solid Waste Management District, and the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources

5500 Bennington Avenue, KCMO, 64129


Drop-Off Hours – Wednesday thru Saturday, 9-6 PM, year round

Acceptable Materials – ALL FOOD SCRAPS including cooked foods, meats, and dairy.  SOME YARD WASTE limited to grass clippings and leaves.  NO BRUSH.  (yard waste must be emptied from leaf bags directly into appropriate dumpster)

How It Works – Individuals and families dispose of food scraps and yard waste during drop-off hours in designated dumpsters in the URBAVORE parking lot.  These compostable materials are integrated into URBAVORE’s  large composting windrows, which are mechanically turned weekly.  Materials naturally decompose into a black compost rich in essential nutrients for plant growth.  Finished compost is applied liberally over URABVORE’s vegetable fields and orchard grounds, enhancing the farm’s soil health.  Unwanted waste is turned into the same healthy, organic produce that is sold weekly at the URBAVORE Farmstand thus creating a symbiotic relationship between urban-farmer and urban-eater!