The Bad Seeds


Brooke Salvaggio, Founder and Owner

After 18 years of mid-western suburbia (SUV’s, plastic bags, fertilized lawns, and microwaves) a jaded Brooke Elizabeth Salvaggio left home in search of “the meaning of life”.  She traveled throughout the US and abroad in New Zealand, Peru, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.  In order to sustain her travels she worked on organic farms in exchange for room and board.  After years of endless oceans, fires, mountains, religions, mind-boggling flavors, faces, and food, Brooke realized that the “meaning of life” had always been right under her feet in the sacred soil of her homeland.  She returned home to Kansas City in 2007 to grow food for herself and others.  Today BADSEED is an ever-growing community of plants, animals, and people including her beloved husband, Daniel, whom (along with the fruits and veggies) keeps her healthy, happy and full of vitality.

Daniel Heryer, Co-owner

Dan married into BADSEED in 2009 and co-founded URBAVORE Urban Farm in 2011.  Before BADSEED, Dan managed the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture’s intensive vegetable production at the Kansas City Community Farm.  He also worked for two years on a large commercial fruit orchard in Pennsylvania.  He loves his wife, his family, and apples, in that order.

Percival James Heryer,  Milk Monster

Percy joined the scene in June of 2011 after 27 hours of labor.  He was born at home, in the water where his daddy caught him!  Percy has a voracious appetite for life…and breast milk!!  Consequently, he keeps his mother in a constant state of chaos as she madly runs around trying to manage a farm & a business.  When Percy grows up he wants to be a sailor (not a dirty farmer like his struggling parents…).