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Urban Homesteading Classes at BADSEED

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In 2008, BADSEED began teaching others to “live off the grid in the grid” through a series of “Urban Homesteading” courses focused on agrarian, traditional skills for self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment.  The skills offered in these courses allow students to meet their own basic needs in a gentle and ethical manner, rather than procuring them from a global and industrial marketplace.

We offer classes in backyard farming, urban livestock, composting methods, permaculture, traditional canning & preserving, home beer brewing, wine-making, old-world culinary arts, herbalism, etc.  If we don’t offer a specific class you are looking for, please let us know!  We can create classes to meet the needs of groups of 5 or more.  Contact for group classes or go ahead and sign up for one of the regularly scheduled courses offered below.  New courses will be added throughout the year…stay tuned!


 2015 Classes & Events:


Saturday, May 23rd & Sunday, May 24th

Join road-tripping goddess & fermentation guru, Tara Whitsitt, on her whirlwind tour through KC!  Tara is mother of the grassroots organization known as Fermentation on Wheels: a traveling culinary research hub with a mission to harvest & preserve, encourage sustainability, and provide FREE education in the art of fermentation!!

Register NOW for the up-coming FREE events sponsored by the KC Food Circle & hosted by BADSEED:

May 23rd: Wild Vegetable Fermentation Workshop & Culture Swap

May 24th: Get Cultured! Potluck

The Basics of Goat Cheese Making: Chevre, Mozarella & Feta

Saturday, May 30th, 1-4 PM

Join community herbalist & cheese-maker, Amy Bousman-Johnson, and learn to make delicious artisinal cheeses in the comfort of your very own kitchen!  The process is surprisingly simple with only a few inexpensive supplies needed to carry on this essential homesteading tradition.

Students will experience the step-by-step process for making three fantastic fresh cheeses (feta, chevre, & mozzarella) using raw goat’s milk from Amy’s very own does!!  Print resources and recipes will be included. Mingling will follow with a delightful cheese & wine tasting!!!

FYI – Raw milk (although superior) is not required for these methods of cheese making.  Pasturized milk can be used instead.

Cost of Class: $50/participant

*Buy one get one 1/2 off for KC Food Circle members! ($75 total for two!)


Sourdough Bread Basics

Monday, June 22nd, 7-9 PM

As a self-described bread obsessive, Chris Glenn of New Traditionalist thinks that the experience of starting with simple flour and water to create something beautiful and edible can be magical and super fun. Join Chris as he breaks down the basics of materials, techniques, terminology, and many other resources to send you on your way toward full-fledged “Bread Head” status. Students will experience hands-on demonstrations of mixing, shaping and baking and end the class with a lovely loaf to share.  *Students go home with their own sourdough “starter”!!

Cost of Class: $25

Register: Email Chris Glenn at with “bread class” in the subject line

Stocking the Herbal Family Pantry & First Aid Kit

Sunday, July 12, 1-3 PM

Join herbalist Amy Bousman-Johnson in this fun, informative and interactive workshop to learn the whys and how’s of the top ten herbal medicines she prefers to have on hand at all times to be used in a variety of ways.  We will cover everything from digestive distress to fevers, cuts, burns and beyond.  Basic herbal lingo and medicine-making principles will be covered in this class.  A hand-out, herbal teas and infusions for sipping, and an herbal take-home goodie will all be included to jumpstart your personal herbal pantry.  Class will conclude with a Q&A session with the herbalist.

Cost of Class: $30

Register: Text Amy at 785-760-3052 with name & contact info

Allergy-Free Cooking with and FOR Kids!

Sunday, August 16th, 1-3:30 PM

Join herbalist/home-chef/farmer Amy Bousman-Johnson and her enthusiastic, seven-year old Sous-Chef son Salem at the Badseed kitchen to learn the ins and outs of how to cook nutrient-dense, allergen-free foods with and for kids that they will actually eat AND enjoy!  Amy will wow you with stories from her kitchen and teach you the tricks of her trade, such as why and how her one year old happily devours olives, sardines, fennel tea, and the like, and how to include your child(ren) in the kitchen in a safe, fun, efficient, effective and relaxed way. Children love the novelty of helping out and having their own tools; they take pride in the veggies they chopped for the dinner stew. This, in turn, ensures that they will eat and enjoy their contribution to the family table.  Cooking together serves an important function in the family, so let’s get your kids started NOW! Feeding kids REAL food right from their first solids (this does not include Gerber ;) , and introducing them to a spectrum of flavors early on is essential to preventing the all-too-common food wars.  If you missed the boat on that one, have no fear; we will also focus in-depth on how to make tasty treats fit for any eater of any age that helps to develop an appreciation for pure flavor.  And we do this all without the use of refined sugars, nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten or grains! Come equipped with your little ones, cutting boards and knives (butter knives and crinkle cutters work great for kids under seven!) in hand, and an eagerness to learn and experiment with us in this very fun, hands-on class! Together, we will prepare and nibble on Amy’s most popular eats and treats for kids.  A hand out of allergen-free recipes and resources will be included.

Cost of Class: $20/family; $5 extra for each additional child/family

*Class is best suited for children aged 4-10, though we can and will accommodate younger and older chefs-to-be

Register: Text Amy at 785-760-3052 with name & contact info

Chicken Butchering 101

Sunday, October 11th, 1-4 PM

*Located at URBAVORE Urban Farm, 5 miles east of the plaza – 5500 Bennington Ave., KCMO 64129

Join urban-farming maniac, Ben Wilson of Phantom Chicken Farm, and learn the careful art of processing your own meat bird.  Under Bens’s guidance, student’s will slaughter and dress their very own chicken (!!) using traditional techniques and no fancy equipment.

The class fee includes the cost of your bird, which you will take home and enjoy with your family.  (yummy preparation techniques will be discussed in class)

*The chickens for this class have been 100% pasture-raised at URBAVORE  and fed non GMO organic grain.

Cost of Class: $30

Register: Email Ben Wilson at with “chicken class” in the subject line