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BADSEED (Farmers’ Market) HAS CLOSED.

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ur-ba-vore  [ûr’bə-vôr]  noun

(1) any animal that consumes urban-grown foods.

(2) an organism that feeds from the energy, surplus, and/or waste of a city.


URBAVORE is located within Kansas City, Missouri, just 5 miles east of the Country Club Plaza, northeast of Swope Park and the Kansas City Zoo, and southwest of Kauffman and Arrowhead Stadiums.  We are accessible from I-435 to our east, I-70 to our north, and US 350 Hwy/Blue Parkway.  Major nearby landmarks include LC’s Bar-B-Q & the 63rd Street Drive-In.  Click for Map.

5500 Bennington Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri

The Scoop

URBAVORE is one of the nations largest, most diversified urban farmsteads – a living, breathing organism that both feeds from and provides food for its urban surroundings.  Born in 2011, URBAVORE is working to create an “edible oasis” that brings organic growth, sustainable life, and creative solutions to a city neighborhood. The farm uses “beyond organic” practices to produce heirloom vegetables, culinary & medicinal herbs, and edible flowers noted for their unique appearance and extraordinary flavor.

The fruitful future of URBAVORE holds much more than annual vegetables:

Farmers, Brooke Salvaggio and Daniel Heryer (aka the badseeds) are hard at work creating a wholly sustainable, off-grid farmstead that screams BIO-DIVERSITY.  Orchards filled with antique apple, peach, pear, and plum trees weave their way through our vegetable fields.  Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and asparagus also adorn our verdant landscape.  These luscious organic fruits will hit the market stands in several seasons.  In addition to plants, URBAVORE is home to varied livestock including a flock or 90 heritage laying hens that rotate around the farm grounds.  These gorgeous gals not only produce nutritious eggs, they provide our farm with weed & pest management, and the much needed fertility that ensures the longevity of our soil.

Tour our website to learn more about our growing practices, produce offerings, and City-Wide Composting Program.

A History Lesson

URBAVORE was born out of BADSEED Farm – a 2.5 acre “mini farm” in South Kansas City that thrived for four glorious years.  In 2009, BADSEED Farm fell prey to intolerant neighbors, who attempted to shut down the farm by evoking the City’s antiquated zoning ordinances.  After a year-long battle, Kansas City passed an Urban Agriculture ordinance to protect urban farms. Still, BADSEED Farm was sorely compromised, confronted with the constant hostility of neighbors who prized property above community.

Faced with this reality, Brooke and Dan decided to “move up the food chain” with the purchase of raw land now known as URBAVORE.  This 13.5-acre property sat vacant for over 60 years, under constant threat of development. The land was once envisioned to become a community college, then a middle school, and most recently subsidized housing.  Narrowly escaping these many possibilities, the URBAVORE acreage has finally met it’s fate to feed!  URBAVORE has been re-zoned from “residential” to “agricultural” which makes farming in the city a delicious reality and a pioneering effort yet to be seen in most cities across the United States!!

Pay Us A Visit

Come and experience our “city farm” grow, and taste it for yourself.  Put your walking boots on and take a tour of the farm.

Tour Details:

Guided Tours are $30 for groups of 10 or less.  For groups above 10, they are $3 per head.  Tours generally last 45 minutes and must be scheduled in advance by e-mailing brooke@badseedkc.com.  Guided tour requests are only granted if and when we have time.  We are painfully understaffed, but will do our best to accommodate your request.